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Decibel Ceiling provides wall and ceiling acoustical products, solutions and services. Each series has several options - dimensions, shapes, surface finishes, and performance characteristics etc. This is hardcopy of Product Guide, which provides an overview of acoustical walls and ceilings for study and selection. Decibel Ceiling provides unique solution to meet client acoustical requirement for drywalls, ceilings and paneling right from design specifications to project drawings to product supply and installation guidance to ensure user satisfaction. This complements the valued services of acoustical consultants, interior architects, services engineers, surfaces specialists and contractors.


Decibel Ceiling provides a clean, crisp, uncluttered, visual delight to occupants because ceiling products can helps to easily zone into technical service lanes and main tiling areas.

Ceiling Products

Decibel Ceiling products have ten unique features

  • Modern, contemporary ceiling and paneling solutions with 1200mm modules.
  • Neatly divides ceiling and paneling into two zones - main and services.
  • Locates all technical services in organized lanes.
  • Reverse sequencing of main ceiling and paneling first is possible without waiting for services.
  • Ensures installation of technical services independent of the main ceiling and paneling
  • No cutout headaches in main ceiling products - no hold ups and hence no project delays
  • Quicker project turn around to customer's delight.
  • Does not disturb the main ceiling, ensures longevity of acoustical panels and saves money


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